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 public speaking skills

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Public Speaking Skills: 

Heirloom Handouts

These public speaking skills are essential to learn if you want your audience to keep your handouts forever instead of two minutes after they leave the room. To make that a reality you have to give them a reason to keep it. I do this by strategically adding important reference material on EACH PAGE of the speaking handout. The material I use is specifically picked for that day's audience.

These reference items could be important phone numbers, web site
addresses, book titles, or even humor that applies to the audience's
industry. A public speaking skills tip is the reason the
information isn't put on one page at the back of the handout is because
that page could be torn off and the rest of the handout thrown away.
Don't forget to put your contact information on every page to make sure they have a copy in case they do just keep one page.

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