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Public Speaking Skills: 

Food is Funny

Food, if used properly can be very funny. Proper preparation of food can be an art form when added to your public speaking skills. It can make a point or add humor when properly presented. I heard a comic many years ago say 'Life is a Twinkie.' When there is no other way to explain some office calamity I say, 'I guess life is just a Twinkie.' I laugh off the tension, then I tackle the problem.

There are lots of other funny foods like chicken soup, meatballs and Bill Cosby's favorite, Jello. If you majored in philosophy, you might find a deeper meaning in the Twinkie line. However, most of the rest of us would agree that the line was just used for its comedic value. Using your public speaking skills means creating wordplay that do wonders to jazz up your presentation, and that ain't chopped liver.

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